About us

Passion for your ancestry

Dutch Ancestry Coach was founded by Kirsten Schimmel, a university trained cultural historian with over 20 years of experience in genealogy. She has a special interest in “small history”: the everyday life of ordinary historical people.

We have made it our mission to take the life of the historic people most important to you, your ancestors, as close to you as we can. We are deeply passionate about researching, teaching and writing about the Dutch and family history in general. Giving people back a sense of belonging, reconnecting them to roots long lost is the greatest job we can imagine having!

Beautiful cases we have solved...

The ferry accident

Adrian, Mary, Violet and Rose (USA)

The picture we hold was our favourite as kids because it held a chilly family mystery. It is a picture of our grandmother, her brother and her little sister Sophia. It was taken when they still lived in the Netherlands. Our grandmother emigrated to the United States to marry our grandfather but her siblings stayed. Sophia, however, never got any older then her early twenties. Rumours went in the family that this had something to do with her brother. We never were able to find out, however, what had happened exactly. We hired Dutch Ancestry Coach to search for us and the story they found was a big surprise...

The orphan soldier

Diane (USA)

I had started tracing my family tree with great enthusiasm until I hit a brick wall with the baptism record of my ancestor Lambert. I knew from his death record that he was born in IJzendijke but could find no record of him there, nor of the marriage of his parents. I hired Dutch Ancestry Coach to get me a copy of the baptism record and to find out more about his parents' marriage. This simple question lead us on an unexpected research adventure that ended with the accidental discovery of a very special document that had laid hidden in an archive for almost 250 years...

Cleansing Grandpa's name

Ben (AUS)

My father came to Australia shortly after WWII as a ten year old boy with his mother, stepfather and siblings. They were determined to leave behind all the horrors lived and start a new life. Especially the shame grandpa had brought upon his family by fighting for the Germans. As he grew older my father started wondering why his father, whom he remembered as a kind and loving dad, had suddenly left his family during the war and ended up siding with the enemy. His mother passed away without clearing anything up for him. She simply refused to talk about it. Last Christmas I decided to go find the whole story myself to set my father's mind at ease. Dutch Ancestry Coach dived into the WWII records for us and what they found was amazing...

What people say about us...

"WOW...thanks so much for all of the information......very interesting!! Again thanks soooo much for the information, you have been a great help." Makala, USA

"Kirsten has provided me with valuable suggestions in connection with my own efforts and takes a personal interest in the needs of her clients. I recommend her to anyone in need of her expertise” Don, USA

"Kirsten you are just a wealth of information. I love it! That link you sent me, Fantastic! I got so much information on that." Leanne, USA

"I highly recommend these services! Fast and efficient, I was very impressed!" Nicola, Australia

"Kirsten, you did such a fabulous job on my father's tree. I have been telling everyone how pleased I am with your research!"
Jenny, USA

"I'm writing once again to thank you so much for the hard work you put in producing my Dutch Ancestry Report. It's given me so much pleasure to go back in time and find out where I came from. To be able to do this is a dream come true. I wish you well for all you do in the future. Keep up the good work, you're a star." Wim, UK