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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tip Of The Week

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This week it's the Dutch Week of Taste. During this week all kinds of activities are organized regarding Dutch cooking, food and culinary customs.

You can share in the spirit by cooking a hearty Dutch meal this week. You can get inspired by our blogposts with Dutch recipes such as:
"Bare Buttocks In The grass" and "Dutch Meat Balls".

Want to do some serious Dutch Cooking? Have a look at this nice English cooking book on Dutch cuisine.


Genetic Genealogy Event

Ooops, the image of the genes is missing. Turn on view images to see it Take your agendas and mark Saturday, October 16!

That day, the Texas branch of the Holland Society of New York, together with Family Tree DNA and Dutch Ancestry Coach, will be organizing a Genetic Genealogy Workshop 101. We will be giving a talk about how genetics relate to your sense of being Dutch.

Family Tree DNA will give talks on how genetic genealogy actually works and what it can mean to your family history research.

You can join live in Houston Texas or by attending the webcast. Be a part of it and sign up here!

Family History Tale

The Toko In Semarang


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When researching my own tree I stumbled upon an ancestor named Henri Fran├žois Grivel that seemed to have disappeared into thin air after his birth. I could not find any records on him except for his birth certificate. I had the rest of his family complete. I knew the fate of his parents and his siblings. But nothing on him, and that was nagging me.

Then, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Dutch Library) came to the rescue....

Read rest of article ┬╗

Win A Free Family Tree!

Every week we raffle off a nice prize among the readers who send in the right answer to a Dutch Ancestry question. This week's prize is a free copy of the book "Dutch Cooking".

Go and have a look at this week's question!

Do you know the right answer? Then send it in before next Wednesday!

Maybe you will be the lucky winner of that free Dutch Cooking Book!


Free Quick Scan!

Would you like to know how far we can trace your Dutch roots back in time? Do you know of at least one Dutch ancestor? Have us send you a Dutch Ancestry Quick Scan for free!

A Dutch Ancestry Quick Scan includes:

  • A short explanation of your name.
  • The Dutch pronunciation of your name.
  • How far we can trace your family back in time.
  • Place(s) of origin in the Netherlands.
  • Suggestions on how to pursue your family research.
In short, the Dutch Ancestry Quick Scan gives you a starting point to unravel the mysteries of your Dutch descent.

It's free, so go ahead and

request a Quick Scan now!

Ask Kirsten

Got stuck on your tree? Need help solving a family mystery? Just send me your question!

All questions are answered privately.

Last Week's winner

The correct answer to last week's contest was "Answer". The free Dutch Ancestry Mini Report was won by:

Barbara Behling, USA

Congratulations with your tree! You will receive a personal e-mail with further details.

Jurrie Bekker, you were our previous winner. Please contact us to claim your prize. We tried to e-mail you, but your e-mail is not working!


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