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Friday, January 21, 2011

Featured Article

Literacy: from luxury to everyday commodity

Ooops, the image is missing. Turn on view images to see itToday, we almost take it for granted that we can send our kids to school at no cost at all. To be precise, we must send them to school: education is mandatory for children between 6 and 17 according to Dutch law.

Home teaching is not allowed, and keeping your child at home for trivial reasons as an extra holiday can result in serious fines for the parents. It's clear that education is taken very seriously in the Netherlands. However, it has not always been like that. For many of our ancestors, learning to read and write was a luxury far beyond their reach...

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Reminder: Dutch Genealogy Course!

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In just ten days our Dutch Genealogy Course will start, on February 1. You will receive more than 10% discount for early registration (before January 24).

To refresh your memory:

The course aims at everybody that wants to gain a deeper understanding of Dutch genealogy.

The course consists of 10 lessons. You'll receive one lesson every week via e-mail. Along with the lesson, you'll receive e-mail assistance from your teacher. For the duration of the course, you can e-mail her with all your questions. Lessons are in the PDF format for easy viewing and printing.

Each lesson will cover essential sources, tips and tricks to get your Dutch family research going. At the end of the course you will have developed insight into the Dutch vital records system, basic Dutch genealogy skills, and a good overview of the Dutch genealogy sources that are available online.

Read the full course details at: www.dutchancestrycoach.com/intro-beginners-course.php.

On the same page you will find pricing and signup information.

Everybody signing up before January 24 will receive a EUR 10 discount!

Win A Free Dutch Genealogy Course

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Every week we raffle off a nice prize among the readers who send in the right answer to a Dutch Ancestry question. This week's prize is a free Dutch Genealogy Course.

Go and have a look at this week's question!

Do you know the right answer? Then send in the form before Wednesday, January 26!

Don't miss out, test your luck. Maybe you will be the happy winner of that free Dutch Genealogy Course!


Friends Offer

All readers with a

Dutch Ancestry Friend Membership can sign up for free to our Genealogy Course!


Just send us an e-mail that you want to join before January 24!

Ask Kirsten

Got stuck on your tree? Need help solving a family mystery? Just send me your question!

All questions are answered privately.

Contest Winner

The correct answer to our last contest was "noaber". The free Dutch Genealogy Course was won by:

Kees de Jager, New Zealand

Congratulations! You will receive the first lesson on February 1.

Genealogy Wisdom

I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich. (M*A*S*H, Colonel Potter)



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