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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Featured Article

10 Inventions Your Great-grandmother Wished She Had

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I have a job. A great job. One I could choose myself. My great-grandmother also had a job. A tough one and not one she could choose herself. She was a housewife, and in the 1800s being a housewife was a tough, full-time job. If you had the money you would hire a maid to do the dirty work for you. If not, you had to do it yourself.

I am a housewife too: 1 hour a day. In that time, I cook a meal for my family on my efficient gas stove, using the stock in my fridge, my freezer and the tins of food in my garage. While dinner is cooking, I pop some washing in the washing machine or dryer, vacuum clean the carpet or clear out the dish washer. And while I'm doing so, my thoughts wander of to my great-grandmother and how she would have marveled at my easy housekeeping. In honour to her and all the great-grandmothers in the world, here's a list of the 10 inventions they would have loved to have. The 10 inventions that has made it possible for our generation to seek a life beyond housekeeping if we want to...

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News Flash

100 years of Dutch inventions!

Over the centuries the Dutch have made quite a lot of great inventions. From the microscope and the sawing mill to a storm-proof umbrella. The Dutch National Archives have dedicated an online exposition to these inventions that is worth browsing through.

Have a peak at:

uitvindingen.nationaalarchief.nl (in Dutch).

uitvindingen.nationaalarchief.nl (in English with Google Translate).

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