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Free Quick Scan

Why do you need a date of birth between 1815 and 1905 to do a Quick Scan?
Dutch vital records are public for people born before about 1905. Data on people younger than that are protected by privacy laws and are only accessible under certain stringent conditions. Data before 1815 are not yet easily searchable and therefore also less suitable as a starting point for a Quick Scan.

Why do you need the name of a spouse to do a Quick Scan?
It is not absolutely necessary, but is of great help to verify a match. We often find people with the same name born in the same year, especially for more common family names. The name of the spouse will then tell us which of them is the person we are looking for.

I don't have a date of birth or the name of a spouse. Can you still do a Quick Scan?
Yes, if you can provide at least an approximate year of birth and if we do not hit upon people with the same name born around the same year. Just send in the Quick Scan request form with the data you do have and we will see what can be done.

Does the Quick Scan include a family tree?
No, it does not. It gives you some basics on your family history and it gives you an idea on how far back genealogical research can be done. Have a look at the Quick Scan page to see what exactly is included. If you would like us to research your family tree, you better have a look at our family tree packages or our research service.

How long does it take to get a Quick Scan?
A Quick Scan takes us two to five workdays to complete, depending on the availability of the sources and the number of Quick Scans already on our desk.

Can you do Quick Scans on non-Dutch names?
No sorry, we are specialized in Dutch genealogy only. However, we are able to do research on non-Dutch names for the period in which the people concerned lived in the Netherlands.

Will I get spam if I request a Quick Scan?
Absolutely not. We hate spam just as much as you do. Read our privacy statement for our stand on this issue.

Free Coaching Service

What type of questions can I ask?
Anything you need to know to do the search for your Dutch ancestors yourself. We can provide sources, new ideas of breaking through your brick wall, tricks to get started, etcetera.

Do you sort out my family tree for free?
Not for free. Sorting out a family tree is a lot of work and therefore a paid service. Have a look at our family tree packages or our research service for the options we offer.

Can you help me with non-Dutch genealogical questions?
If they are very general, yes. After all, genealogy is genealogy. However, we do specialize in Dutch genealogy, and the way vital records are kept in Mali (just to name something exotic)is not exactly our field of expertise.

How long will it take to get an answer?
We answer all e-mail within a working day. However, if your question is complicated, the response could be that you will have to wait a couple of days to get the real answer.

Will I get spam if I request coaching?
Absolutely not. We hate spam just as much as you do. Read our privacy statement for our stand on this issue.

Are there any hidden fees if I request coaching?
Absolutely not. What we offer for free is free. Our paid services are clearly marked as such. We will never charge you anything you have not agreed upon up front.

Free Newsletter

How do I subscribe?
That's easy, you can sign up here.

How do I unsubscribe?
That's also very easy. Just follow the link on the bottom of our newsletter. Alternatively, just send us an e-mail that you wish to unsubscribe.

How frequent is your newsletter?
Our newsletter is weekly, although frequency can vary during holidays.

Can I see an example of your newsletter before I subscribe?
Sure you can. You can find all issues on our news page.

Will I get spam if I join your newsletter?
Absolutely not. We hate spam just as much as you do. Read our privacy statement for our stand on this issue.

Dutch Ancestry Packages

Where can I find the package prices?
Package prices are not on this website. Prices vary depending on your family specifics. Some family trees take less time to research that others. This is influenced by the availability of sources, the number of children each couple had, the number of spouses each head of family had, among other issues. Therefore, we always send you a personalized quote.

On your package page you mention a price range in euros . How much is that in my currency?
We are based in the Netherlands, and therefore all are prices are in euros. You can easily look up the equivalent for your currency with this currency converter.

Why do you need a date of birth between 1850 and 1905 to start a report?
All data in this period is public and young enough to get you a nice tree going back up to 7 generations.

I don't have a date of birth of my ancestor or it's after 1905. Is that a problem?
Not necessarily. It may, however, take us more time to find a good starting point. Just include the data you do have and we will see what we can do.

Will my report look exactly the same as the previews I saw on the site?
It will look pretty much the same although not exactly the same. The overall design is the same for all reports but the peculiarities of your family tree can demand modifications.

I want a printed copy of my report. Can you arrange for that?
Yes, we can. Just include this wish on the remarks field of your quote request and we will include it in your quote.

Friend Memberships

Does my membership get renewed automatically?
No, on the contrary, it automatically stops after the agreed period. Some time before the membership ends you will receive an invitation by e-mail to renew it, which you are free to decline of course.


What are your opening hours?
We work Monday to Friday from 9 AM till 5 PM (Central European Time), but you can e-mail us whenever you like. We usually respond within a working day. We do not work on Dutch public holidays.

Are the case stories and testimonials on your site real?
Yes. All cases we discuss on our site are based on true stories but have been anonimized to protect the privacy of the clients involved (names, places and dates have been altered). The people in the pictures illustrating the cases are stand-ins for the same privacy reasons. All testimonial snippets are real and published with the consent of the clients involved.

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