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Here you can find an overview of all the fun free stuff we have created for you on Dutch culture and (family) history. You can use the information here to do your own Dutch family history research, or just hop around for fun.

Ask Kirsten

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Need help with you Dutch genealogy research? Got a question on Dutch culture or history? Need to get your research unstuck? You can ask me your questions for free. I can help you with the following:

  • -Find a starting point for your Dutch research.
  • -Suggest sources where to find the data you need.
  • -Provide addresses of genealogical archives.
  • -Provide clues to get your research unstuck.
  • -Find sources to dress up your tree with photos or historical details.

Join The Discussion

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Like to chat with others about your Dutch ancestry, your research or the Netherlands in general? Then consider joining our discussion group on Facebook or LinkedIn. We discuss:

  • –Brick walls
  • –Research clues
  • –Common ancestors
  • –Dutch culture
  • –Dutch history

Dutch Ancestry Quick Scan

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So you know that you have a Dutch ancestor, but you do not know how to start tracing your Dutch roots? Then a free Dutch Ancestry Quick Scan is for you! A Quick Scan provides you with:

  • –Short explanation of your surname.
  • –Dutch pronunciation of your surname.
  • –How far we can trace your family back in time.
  • –Place(s)of origin in the Netherlands.
  • –Suggestions on how to pursue your family research.

Weekly Blog Articles

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Our blog, Dutch Ancestry Magazine, publishes articles on a variety of Dutch (family) history and culture topics. You can subscribe to our blog for free via RSS or e-mail. Some categories we often cover in our articles are:

  • –History
  • –Culture
  • –Dutch recipes
  • –Dutch genealogy tips
  • –Forgotten crafts

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