Finding Dutch Holocaust Victims

Every year on January 27, the victims of the Holocaust are remembered worldwide. The memorial day was established by the United Nations in 2005 to honor all those that lost their lives in this horrible episode of our history.

The Holocaust is especially painful to the Dutch since given their very well kept civil records that included faith specifics and collaboration of the Dutch NSB party (Nationaal Socialistische Beweging, meaning National Socialist Movement), an astonishing over 100,000 Jewish people were deported easily and murdered in concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Sobibor. As a comparison, in Germany –the heart of the fascist movement and a country about nine times bigger than the Netherlands– about 160,000 Jews shared the same horrible fate.

Even today, it is a subject not easily spoken off. Many Dutch feel ashamed they let it happen. However, not all Dutch stood by and watched. There were brave resistance people that risked being executed themselves by hiding Jewish people on their attics, in their cellars and the like.

For those of you that are researching Jewish relatives that lived during WW II, sadly, the best place to start is the Digital Jewish Memorial Monument, which can be found (in English) at: Here you can find lots of details about Dutch Jews that were murdered during the holocaust. A real treasure, though a dark one, for Jewish people seeking Dutch ancestors from the Holocaust period.