Forgotten Crafts: Bridge Hauler

Of course, Amsterdam is famous for its many canals. To get across these canals there are numerous small bridges. These bridges are typically very steep, to allow highly loaded cargo ships pass easily underneath them.

However, these steep bridges used to be very annoying for any merchant with a cart. And there were a lot of those in past centuries: milkmen, bread sellers, vegetable sellers, you name it.

Pushing a heavily loaded cart up and down steep bridges numerous times a day was backbreaking. Luckily, most bridges had a bridge hauler. A sturdy man that would haul your cart over the bridge with a hooked rope for a small fee. Some of them even had songs to sell their services.

Unfortunately, in the 1900s, this colorful character disappeared from Amsterdam's street life, his song replaced by the roaring sound of cars and motorcycles.